Frequently asked questions

Why this work choice?

Because I love it. It has enabled me to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. I fill my time with what makes me happy. And I’ve been blessed to meet some remarkable people along the way. It’s a good life being a lady of leisure. How lucky am I?

I see you travel a lot. Can we go away together?

As your personal Bond girl, a life of adventure ours for the taking. Where shall we start? Skiing in Switzerland, Scuba diving in the Seychelles, or on Safari in South Africa? Perhaps, something more refined, like wine tasting in Tuscany, a stroll through art galleries in Paris, or yachting off the coast of Capri. You name it, I’m in!

I have traveled extensively, both in luxury and to remote corners of the globe, far off the beaten track. A very dear friend is a travel writer for Condé Nast and the “New York Times.” I’ve had the good fortune to join her globetrotting.

Are your pictures genuine?

You will find gallery. The images in gallery  were taken in 2019 and 2020. Let me assure you that all the pictures on my website are accurate. I WILL BE GLAD TO WEAR ANY OF THE  OUTFIT OF MY PORTFOLIO TO PROVE MY AUTHENTICITY.  Please feel free to ask me to bring any of them. SELFIES and pictures without blur effect are available within VIP area for approved website members.

What will you wear for our date?

I will dress according the type of event or function, time of the day and season. Please give me details about our date and let me know if you have any particular preferences. I like dressing in an elegant way and leave enough to the imagination for private time.

Do escorts enjoy their job?

Most people change their occupations if they are unhappy in their work, and escorts are no different. Like all of us they have the occasional bad day at work, but no more so than anyone else. Many escorts get real job satisfaction from their work and find the combination of money, flexible hours and the social aspect very enjoyable. It can be quite a kick to put a lasting smile on a client's face and impart an enduring memory, although some may be bending the truth a little when they tell you they enjoy the sex as much as you do.

Are all men who book escorts sad, lonely losers?

Not at all. A very wide variety of men book escorts for a wide variety of reasons. Some are men who simply want carefree sex without any emotional entanglements, whilst some are married men who no longer get any sex at home. Others just want a quiet place to relax, talk, and have sex with someone friendly and sympathetic, away from the hassles of work and family life.

It's my first time - what should I do?

Tell the escort at the time of booking that this is your first time - she'll know what to expect. Remember, this may be your first time, but it's almost certainly not hers, so trust her to look after you. If the lady isn't too busy, it's often possible to exchange a few emails and build up a bit of a rapport before you arrive.

And even if you're too nervous to speak, then smile and tell her you're nervous so she knows you're feeling shy and not a psychopath!

I'm booking my first appointment - how much time will I need?

At least one hour, and preferably two if you can afford it. You'll need some time, to begin with, to chat with the lady and get over your nerves, and you'll be surprised how quickly the rest of the time goes when you're having fun.

How do I treat an escort?

With respect, as you would any other fellow human being. As with all human interactions, if you are warm, friendly and gracious, you are likely to get a better result.

What do escorts most appreciate in clients?

Above all cleanliness and respect. Honesty and a sense of humor also help.

 What will happen when we meet?

After settling the financial side of things [sometimes even before], you might consider offering the lady a drink, be it wine, soft drink or even a cup of tea. That and a few minutes' chats usually helps to break the ice, especially if you are meeting the lady for the first time. Don't get carried away with the social chit-chat, though: remember that you are paying for the lady's time and the clock starts ticking as soon as the door opens!

I think I'm in love!

Take a cold shower first! If you still feel the same afterward, consider that even if she thinks you're a sweet kind of guy, her priorities are likely to be: husband, children, dog, house, extended family, best friend at school, best friend now, the neighbors, and the vacuum cleaner ... and then you.

If you're still keen on the idea of seeing her outside of work then firstly make sure you can handle a relationship with a lady who takes money for sex and company and secondly just email/call and asks her out. Just don't be surprised if she says no!

Relationships between escorts and clients do happen, though, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, just like relationships everywhere else.

I'm nervous that I won't be able to "perform"

It's your time - there's no pressure on you to do anything in particular. Try not to build up a detailed scenario in advance, and just go with the flow when you get there.

What should I say on the phone / in my E-mail?

Tell the lady how she came to your attention. Say you might like to meet her and suggest an appointment date and length. Ask any relevant questions which are not already answered on her website or in her FRs. Nothing is more calculated to annoy than asking a lady if she provides this or that service when she has already made it clear that she does not!

And remember - "I find you rather attractive" is a better opener than "I'd like to shag your arse off!".

Are fees negotiable?

As a rule no way, and to ask is to offend. From time to time escorts do announce specials on various message boards or on their own site, so look out for bargains. If you're making a very long booking e.g. a weekend or a trip overseas, the fee may be negotiable, but haggling generally isn't welcomed.